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Material handling

Brunitec Local Dust Filter
Brunitec local filter, extraction at source – is a specially designed hose filter for the reduction of excess pressure in conveyor systems and silos. The filter requires little space and is therefore easy to locate even in confined spaces. A timer or differential pressure controls cleaning of filter hoses.

Local dust filter

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Brunitec Belt Cleaning System
Brunitec conveyor belt cleaner system – consists of several models that can either work independently or in combination. Pre-cleaner, secondary cleaner, drum cleaner or a poud idler? Make your choise from your specific needs!

Belt cleaners

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Brunitec Spillage Conveyor
Brunitec spillage conveyor – is the ultimate answer to avoid cleaning up carry-back and spillage from conveyor belts. The systemet can be applied on the entire length of the conveyor or only at transfer points where the spillage normally is the worst. Splitting up the drive, intermediate sections and the tensioning station means that it can be installed in the majority of existing machine environments.

Spillage conveyor

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Brunitec Transfer Point Enclosure
Brunitec transfer point enclosure – is the best solution for dust and spillage problems that occur when loading conveyor belts. It is available with several types of skirtings. The enclosure is stable and has universal fixing components and adjustable legs, which means it can be used on all types of conveyor belts. It is quick and easy to fit without any welding or cutting needed.

Transfer point enclosure

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