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Air cannon - a product with many uses

Air cannons were originally used as an aid in order to empty silos. A powerful air shock moves the material which, for some reason, got stuck and need some assistance to get out from the silos and containers. .

Lately, the technology progressively been used for cleanup of dust in more advanced processes such as cement ovens, tubular gratings at flue gas cleaning.

Silo emptying with Brunitec Air Cannon

Renowned for many years with thousands installed in a wide variety of applications. Irrespective of the problem, Brunitec has the answer! The cannon is loaded with an air pressure of 6-10 bars. When firing (rapid discharge), the cannon gives a pressure surge from the cannon pipe that activates the area to be cleaned. The power varies depending on the volume of air and the loading pressure.

Silo cleaning

Dust purification - High temperature applications

The majority recognize the air cannon as an invaluable help in dealing with flow and arching problems in silos, containers etc. Since its introduction in the seventies, the technology has been developed as an aid for dust cleaning in high-temperature applications like cyclones and ducts on cement ovens, dust filters in metallurgical processes, and tubular gratings, heat exchangers, filters etc. in boiler systems.

High temperature applications

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